CHIS Management

SHIPID Service

All questions regarding the Spouse Health Insurance & Professional Income Declaration (SHIPID) or your supplementary contributions should be directed to CHIS SHIPID Service at
However, questions on the health insurance options available to spouses (e.g. CHIS acting as primary or supplementary health insurance), including options available to “frontaliers”, should be directed to the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) UNIQA.

CHIS Manager

Contact the CHIS Manager only for questions other than those to the TPA or if the answers you received from it were not satisfactory. For example, you can contact the CHIS Manager to provide feedback on the content of the website or the CHIS Bull', or give feedback on your experience with the TPA, UNIQA. If you also would like to propose changes concerning the benefits, procedures or operations of the CHIS, please contact the CHIS Manager exclusively by e-mail: