Agreement with Presti-Services sarl

Since October 2009 CHIS has a tariff an agreement with Presti-Services sarl, a Geneva based company offering personalised paramedical services with the aim to allow people with an impairment to live at home as long as possible. Although based in Geneva, they also operate in neighbouring France (Pays de Gex, Bellegarde, Saint-Julien, Annemasse).

The tariff agreement is restricted to paramedical care provided by auxiliary nurses, who are supervised by a qualified nurse. The auxiliary nurse helps the person to be mobile and to accomplish the essential acts of daily life (washing, clothing, eating, ...). The applicable tariffs are based on the number of interventions pers day and can be obtained from UNIQA.

We remind that for reimbursement of paramedical, including treatment by home nurses and oter medical auxiliaries:

  • a doctor's prescription is required, and that
  • reimbursements are subjects to daily or monthly ceilings, depending on whether the patient is in a recognised state of dependency and the degree of that dependency.

For more information, contact UNIQA or the service provider directly:

Rue Pré-Bouvier, 27
1217 Meyrin