Update 17 avril 2020 - COVID 19 - COVID 19 - Access to medical care in Switzerland

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swiss authorities have restricted entry into Switzerland. Only Swiss citizens, holders of a residence permit in Switzerland (including a FDFA legitimation card), and persons with a certified professional reason for entering Switzerland may enter the country.

Non-Swiss citizens and persons not holding a valid Swiss resident permit may not, in principle, travel to Switzerland to receive medical treatment.

However, exceptions may be granted in particular when a person is in a situation of absolute necessity. The continuation of a medical treatment that has begun in Switzerland and abroad is one of the grounds for absolute necessity, as stated in the Directive of the State Secretariat for Migration: https://www.sem.admin.ch/content/dam/data/sem/aktuell/aktuell/einreisestopp/weisung-covid-19-f.pdf (last updated on 16 April 2020).

The person concerned must therefore be able to present, when crossing the border, a certificate issued and signed by the Swiss treating doctor stating that the patient must imperatively continue their medical treatment and indicating the dates of the scheduled appointments.

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